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About Us

Robert Baker started making high quality cat furniture in 1983 with the concept of selling high quality low cost cat condos, scratching posts, and cat trees direct to the public. Robert Baker learned this from his father Robert Baker Sr. who has 25 years of experience making cat furniture. Robert Jr. still works in the day to day activities designing and marketing cat furniture. We are the founders of factory direct to the public cat furniture and continue to provide the best cat condos at the best prices. We have been supplying the best cat furniture in Phoenix Arizona for over 33 years.

Now we have made a line of cat condos, cat gyms, cat furniture, and cat scratching posts that are shipped direct to our customers. These products are now shipped directly to your door at the best price.

All cat condos, cat gyms, cat furniture, and cat scratching posts are hand crafted by skilled craftsmen. They are made from the highest quality material and made to last for years.

We supply many different cat condos and scratching posts from our small door hanger, to our 6 foot Cat Playstation available in 5 different colors. 


Our Facility

Our FacilityNew Cat Condos operates out of a very large state of the art facility in Phoenix, Arizona that gives us the volume and ability to offer the best products at the best prices. We sell to many online retailers who all enjoy same day shipping on all orders. We also sell direct to the public which allows us to offer wholesale priced cat condos to people all across the country. Our direct to the customer approach in the end saves you money.

 So what exactly makes our products the best? There are many key factors that go into making a great piece of cat furniture for your cat. All of these factors have been learned through 25 years of cat furniture manufacturing experience.

State of the Art Facility: New Cat Condos handcrafts cat furniture out of a very large manufacturing facility that is optimized to provide you and your kitty with a great piece of cat furniture. It features the best tools and equipment to make the finest quality product cat trees. It features many other things such as a sisal rope machine, shrink wrap machine, product jigs to ensure straight products.


Carpet: New Cat Condos purchases carpet in large quantities in order to get the best possible prices and quality for our products. All of the carpet we use is high grade household type carpet that holds up extremely well to cat scratching. We do not use faux carpet as it does not hold up well to cat use. This carpet must be cut down into sections that can be used for your cat condo. This is an extensive process but is vital to making the best possible piece of cat furniture for your kitty.and many other things that give you the best piece of furniture available.


Our Materials

Inventory: We carry a fair amount of inventory to help us ensure that every order goes out everyday. We keep this inventory stocked in our facility to ensure that each product can be hand picked and shipped to your door. 


Wood: We use solid wood in all of our products. This ensures that the products will be extremely sturdy and hold up well to years of cat use. A lot of time goes into hand cutting every piece of wood and assembling it in the proper order. This solid wood construction is the key foundation to a quality cat condo


Sisal Rope: New Cat Condos uses quality unoiled sisal rope that contains no toxic materials. Many manufactures use sisal rope that is oiled. Oiled sisal rope is not friendly for your cats, and can even be toxic to them. We use a special machine to make sure that all of our sisal rope posts are tightly wrapped and will hold up to cat scratching.



 Fast Shipping: Each and every product is hand packaged and placed out the door to be picked up. Our order manager goes over every individual order to ensure that you get the right color piece shipped directly to your door. 


Our Inventory

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