Quick Guide To Cat Beds And Furniture

Published by Robert Baker on 29th Jul 2015

Cats have simple needs. Their claws require sharpening. They like to sleep in a place that seems safe and is soft and warm. They like to keep watch over their environment. Human furniture can be used for all of these, but that is often not what the humans want. Having some cat beds and furniture can make life a lot smoother.

If you slept most of your life, you would want a very comfortable bed too. Kitty has a fur coat, but warm sleeping places are always the best. A human bed will do the job, but that may not be what the humans want.

Kitty likes a soft warm bed. It's even better if it conforms to the position of the sleeper, kind of like a bean bag chair. Electric heating is frosting on the cake. A covered sleeping chamber feels like a secret sleeping den.

Claw exercise is a major source of contention with the humans. Even though the reclining chair may be excellent for this, close minded humans disagree. A scratching post is a good thing to have, as it provides a solution that works for everyone. Kitty can scratch to his or her heart's content, and a properly constructed post can take it. Typically covered with some sort of carpet like material, it can last for a long time.

A cat box is an essential item for indoor kitties, and a convenience for those that also go outside. They seem to have an inborn instinct to use one, particularly if it has been used before. Some have covers to give a more secure feeling. Luxury models exist that even clean themselves.

Combined furniture for cats has many names. Sometimes called climbing posts, they are somewhat like jungle gyms are for humans. They have scratching areas and often include sleeping holes or platforms at elevated positions. This allows kitty to view its domain from where it sleeps. A large one may facilitate feline relationships in multi-cat households Watching the kitties plays on one of these can be more fun than watching tv.

Cats can be good to have. At one time they were expected to justify themselves by catching mice. Now they are usually companion animals. Having the right cat beds and furniture makes the partnership work a lot better.

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If you own one or more feline friends, you understand how important it can be for your pet to feel comfortable. Finding the right cat beds and other cat furniture is easy and quick when you look online.