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The importance of cat beds

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Whether you've had a feline friend in your life for many years, or you're considering bringing a new kitty home, making sure you have the right cat beds and accessories provided for your furry pal can be one simple thing you can do to make his or her life just a little bit more perfect. If you really want to pamper your kitty, it's easier than ever to find all kinds of indulgences fit for a king.

Your kitty will feel like the king of the jungle when he's climbing around on a tree built for just for him. He may not ever want to go outside again when he sees he can experience the joy of climbing without getting stuck, and you won't have to get the ladder and have one of those unwanted adventures that go along with trying to rescue kitty from awkward positions.

Many cat trees offer single beds on one of the levels, or a bed on each level. There are also ones available with tunnels and perches on the very top. They are covered with varying shades of carpet. You are sure to find one that fits beautifully into the style of your home.

You may just need a simple bed, and there's nothing wrong with that, but these days you're able to find whatever bed you'd like with the added benefit of heat. You don't have to get a heated cat bed, but if you want to provide your cat with a little extra comfort, you have this option.

Many towers that come with beds, also have changeable levels. You are able to put a bed on top, a bed in the middle and add the perches wherever kitty likes. You can change it around at your leisure, putting the bed on the bottom and a perch on top if you so desire. Your cat will also be able to use his new tower or gym, as a way to sharpen his claws, sparing your furniture.

Cats love to climb, in the wild and in domestic life. Adding some outside fun into your kitty's inside home can be a great way to feel a little closer to your furry friend. Watching him discover the new wonders, happily play and comfortably sleep in his new "toy" can be almost just as much for you.

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