Basic Cat Care

Published by Robert Baker on 29th Jul 2015

Being a responsible pet owner is important to the life, health, and happiness of your pets. This is true for those cats you love so much and caring for them begins with you knowing the basics in the kind of cat care you need to provide at all times.

All pets require a specific diet. Cats do as well and making sure you provide it is more important than you may ever know. Choosing a quality food formulated for felines is the best choice you could make and should be the only one you make as well. Never feed cats food from the table to prevent upset stomach and lack of the necessary nutrients that comes from food made especially for cats.

Every owner that has cats in the house most of the time know a litter box is a must. However, making sure that litter box stays clean as possible so cats will keep using it is another story. Cats are fastidious and a dirty litter box will cause them to relive themselves elsewhere, as long as it is a clean area. Choose a litter that will help to absorb smells and always keep the box in place that is quiet.

Selecting a vet should be something you do before ever getting a pet. In this way, you will have one to visit directly when you get it. Take your cats every year for regular vaccine schedules and also keep up with other preventative care visits as well. Providing proper medical attention can help to prevent many illnesses before they ever get a chance to get at your cats.

Cat toys are a necessary item for providing the stimuli needed to satisfy the hunting and stalking instinct every cat is born with. You can find many selections of toys for cats in your local pet store. Always make sure the toys are safe and have no small parts that can be choked on after being chewed off.

Learning the distinct personality of cats is a great part of enjoying them. Indeed, many owners feel as though are in service to their cats. While most cats have an attitude of being the boss, they show they love you a lot by purring in your lap or sleeping on your pillow while deeply purring every night.