Why Is Stability Important In A Cat Tree?

Published by Robert Baker on 29th Jul 2015

Because if you are about to spend $150 on a cat tree that wobbles or tips over your cat will never use it after that first time. Cats are very finicky about these things and will never go near at item that they associate as having a bad experience about.

This is especially true is a cat tree is wobbly or unstable. Your cat trusts you to be sure that the new piece of furniture is to their specifications. This means that already assume that whatever you give them is something that they will love.

I have to be diligent in the items I bring into my house. I run a rescue and have multiple cats. I need several cat trees for this group. My cats will swing on the sisal posts and try to sharpen their back claws. At 6:00 pm everyday the "crazies" hit and they run around the house launching themselves from 10 feet away and bouncing off the trees onto to another. They get playful with each other and try to play king of the cat tree. Not all cats are petite, some of mine weigh 20 pounds or more.

Nothing has freaked my cats out more than the time I purchased my $150 "beautiful" cat tree that fell over when two of my cats jumped on it. They must have spread the word because that piece of furniture got dusty real quick! From the smallest scratching post to the tallest cat tree, security and stability are paramount.

Before you take the plunge check that the cat trees you are investigating:
* Have a base that is wide
* Is made with real wood on the base, the thicker the better
* Has a base that is weighted on the bottom
* Can be taken apart and reassembled without losing the stability and security
* Are made by a company with years of experience and skilled craftsman
* Are made by a company that has a return policy
* Have a company employee that answers the phone if you have questions.

Remember that the cat condo you purchase is not for you, it is for your cat. Be sure it has all the elements that will have your cat using it for years to come.