Choosing your Cats Litter Box

Published by Robert Baker on 29th Jul 2015

Choosing the right litter box is essential for your cat to be happy and healthy in your home. The rule of thumb is to have one litter box for each cat in your home. Shallower litter boxes should be used for kittens while deeper litter boxes should be used for bigger and/or older cats. Here are some different types of litter boxes available for your cat.

Basic Flat Box - These are the most economical litter boxes for your cats. They come in many different sizes, depths, and colors. These are very easy to clean and are preferred by many cats.

Covered Box - The covered litter box is the litter box that we prefer over others. These litter boxes feature a top that covers the box and gives your cat their own private potty area. There is usually a single opening at one end that allows your cat to enter and exit. Some covered boxes you might find will have a swinging door that closes behind your cat (sometimes even hitting them on the way out!). We suggest doorless entryways in order to keep your cats from feeling confined in their litter box. Ensure that the covered box is big enough for your cat to turn around in and stand fully erect. If your cat sprays we especially recommend a covered litter box.

Self Cleaning Boxes - One of the newest types of litter boxes are the self cleaning ones that are motion activated. When your cat leaves their litter box, a sensor is activated that triggers a rake that then scoops the cat matter into a receptacle that can then be manually emptied every couple of days. It may be necessary to experiment with different types of litter to see which one scoops the best. Be aware though that some cats are frightened by their loud sounds and mechanical actions and always check the product guarantee before purchasing.

Sifting Boxes - Sifting Boxes are a little more complicated and are made up of two rectangular pans and a “sifter tray”. The two boxes stack on top of each other with the sifting tray inside the top pan. To clean the box, you the separate the two litter boxes and then lift the sifting tray out which removes the cat waste but leaves clean kitty litter. You can then put the sifter into the empty box and poor the cleaned litter into the box with the sifter. After the waste is dumped you can put the empty litter box in the bottom.