Choosing A Good Cat Vet

Published by Robert Baker on 29th Jul 2015

If you own any type of pet, you will obviously need to find a pet at some point. Be like a Boy Scout, and always be prepared. Don't wait tell that drastic moment to find a vet. When looking for a pet, immediately begin to think about finding a vet as well. Be picky with your vet, as they are taking care of a member of your family.

Consider excellent pet skills in your veterinarian, along with excellent people skills. Your pet cannot communicate like you, so it is important for your vet to have a strong relationship with your pet in order to meet their needs.

What is your approach to pet care? Are you very conservative when it comes to giving medications? Do you believe the animal should be vaccinated every year? Do you like the idea of holistic care? Do you want a general practitioner or a specialist? After you decide what your approach is, find a vet that thinks like you do.

Here are steps you can use to finding that perfect vet:

Ask Friends who they use

* Visit the vet office.

o Are you warmly greeted? Are the staff courteous and professional

o Will the receptionist let you meet with the vet briefly?

o Is the office area clean?

o Are cats and dogs separated?

o Are emergency services available afterhours? What ER does the clinic use?

o How many vets are in practice?

o Is the location agreeable to you?

o How does the costs fit into your budget?

o Check for membership in the American Animal Hospital Association. AAHA membership means that a veterinary hospital has voluntarily pursued and met AAHA's standards in the areas of facility, equipment and quality care. Basically they meet a national standard of best practices.

o What does your gut say??? Go with it!

If you do not feel satisfied with your appointment, look elsewhere! You are the voice for your animal. If you feel uncomfortable, chances are your pet does too.