How To Stop Destructive Scratching

Published by Robert Baker on 12th Aug 2019

Your house probably has a sofa and chairs with nubby fabric on them. The feel of that fabric is irresistible to cats. You probably also notice that he ignores the coffee table and end tables: basically anything with a smooth surface.

Setting your cat up for success means that you should focus on his positive behaviors and ignore the negative ones. In fact, you will want to redirect your cat to something appropriate when he does something you do not want.

So, what tools will help with your success? Cat condos and cat trees: they have multiple surfaces for scratching including wood, sisal and cardboard. Cardboard scratchers: both the ones on inclines or flat are inexpensive and fun. Sisal scratcher: sometimes called jute they come as rugs or door hangers. Durable and a bit more expensive. Natural wood with bark: some cats love it and some don't. Don't go out of your way to find any but if there is some in your back yard take advantage of it.

Although the look of cat condos and cat toys may not be appealing all over the house, when starting a project like this it is important that they are out and about.

Let's make sure that you get deterrents as well, so it makes it difficult for kitty to get to the areas that he is inappropriately scratching: Double sided tape- many cats will feel this once and never touch the area again Plastic carpet runner- placed upside down these runner have small pointers that do not feel great on the cats feet Tinfoil- some cats will not step on tinfoil Essential oils- so your research because some cats will not go near the smell of cloves or citrus.

With the right tools, coupled with the right deterrents you will be on to solving the destructive scratching of most any cats.