Do Cat's Prefer Sisal Rope?

29th Jul 2015

If you are reading this you are obviously a cat lover and want to do the best for your kitty. The best cat condos, scratching posts and cat trees are probably already in your house, but if you are just starting your research here is why sisal on condos is the only way to go!

To provide some background, sisal is actually a great sustainable product. It is part of the succulent family from the agave. Twine and rope are the typical products that are made from sisal. The plant lives up to 10 years and in that time it produces 200-250 leaves that contain around 1000 fibers inside.

The fibers are taken from the leaves and then dried and packed. The main exporters of sisal fibers are in South America and Africa.

The sisal you are familiar with is made into a thick rope that is used to wrap around posts of cat condos and trees. Some companies will coat the sisal with oil making it toxic for cats, so be sure that your cat trees are all natural! Contacting the condo company should provide answers for you. Remember that any reputable company will answer their phone and will know about their products.

Sisal can be the best deterrent to scratching that you can have in your house. It is extremely durable, much more so than carpet. It is also irresistible for cats.

Many cat condos will have several areas covered with sisal. Some are upright and some on an incline. The upright posts can help kitty stretch her back and shoulder muscles while getting some great nail maintenance. Some cats will even hang on tightly with their front paws and scratch their back claws on the upright posts!

The newest vet research says that cats prefer sisal to any other surface when it comes to scratching. Since sisal is 10 times more durable that carpet that will hopefully save your flooring too!