Cats Drinking Milk

Published by Robert Baker on 29th Jul 2015

We have heard the commercials about milk being great for people. Where would we be without milk and cereal? I know my cats always beg for cow's milk, however I know well enough that giving them this milk is not a good idea.

Kitten's grow up on their moms milk and they should have this for as long as they want. The nurturing process of kittens feeding from mom evokes a feeling of love, safety and comfort. Did you know that your cat's milk is totally different from a cow's? One of the main differences is that cow's milk is full of sugar in the form of lactose.

Most cats and kittens are actually lactose intolerant. So when they are given cow's milk, their bodies are unable to digest the sugars. The result is diarrhea, and upset belly and other digestive issues

Some people think that cats need to have milk in order to get all the necessary nutrients. This is not true. In fact, cow's milk does nothing to meet a cat's nutritional needs. If a cat was fed only milk, it would not be able to survive. Feral cats provide proof that cats do not need milk to be healthy, as wild cats do not usually have the opportunity to drink cow's milk.

Your cat should be given high quality, grain free foods. The protein content should be around 50%. Of course, your cat also needs access to fresh water. Milk should never be a substitute for cat food or water. Replacing cat food or water with milk will cause nutritional deficiencies in your cats.

If the thought of never giving your cat milk just upsets you too much, consider a few of the cat treats on the market that are "cat milk". They are made specifically meant not use KMR or kitten meal replacement as that is created to meet the nutritional requirements of newborns.

You can also try a very small treat of lactose free milk food in the supermarket. But, remember that any milk is a treat and not a replacement for a meal. Also remember that it is you who has to choose what is important for kitty to eat and drink. Kitty will be happy with your high quality choices and never miss milk at all.