Preparing to Adopt a Cat

Published by Robert Baker on 29th Jul 2015

Taking home a new cat or kitten is truly a wonderful adventure. However, there are things you can do to make this experience better for you the feline you have chosen. Follow these tips in preparing your home and family for cat adoption.

Preparing your house for a new feline needs to be something you make sure gets done before bringing your cat home. Cats need a few things that will help their transition easier. Check with your local pet store for supplies like quality food, pet bowls, beds, toys, and a new litter box and filler for it. By having these items, your cat will have everything he needs for settling into his new home. These items will also make it a lot easier on you.

Get down to choosing a vet for your feline. Let him or her know you will be visiting the day you acquire your new pet. Make an appointment for that day and make sure you keep it. Taking care of medical needs right away is important to the health and happiness of cats. The vaccinations needed are very important to have done right away if your choice of feline has not already had them.

In preparing your home, you will also need to prepare your family members as well. Your new feline will be frightened and wondering what is happening to him. Be sure to instruct the kids to be gentle and not to frighten him anymore by being to excited. Move houseplants that could be poisonous to cats. Install a pet door if your new family member will be going in and out.

You may have an idea already about where you are getting a new feline from. However, the first place you could look is at your local shelter. The cats housed here are in desperate need of a home and would make you a great friend and companion for rescuing them. You should know that cats adopted through shelters and the Humane Society have been sexually altered and are usually up to date on all their shots. You will still need to take your new pet to your own vet to comply with most shelter agreements for adopting.

The cats or kittens that are coming from an individual you might know or from an advertisement in the newspaper are the ones that will certainly need to visit the vet as soon as you get him. Young kittens need vaccines and should be tested for certain feline diseases, some that can be passed on to them from their mother.

Having cats as companions can prove to be gratifying and pleasurable. Many owners have reported how they would be lost without the presence of their cats to keep them company. Once you ever own one, you know how enduring the cat personality can be and how it grows on you.