The Decision to Make Your Own Cat Perch or Buy?

Published by Robert Baker on 29th Jul 2015

The decision to make your own cat perch or purchase one can be difficult, especially with the cost of cat furniture at retail locations. At New Cat Condos we try to make that choice a little easier. We are able to get you the same cat furniture and even better quality than you can find at the retail location at 30% - 40% discount. The same Cat Perch delivered to your door so you don’t even have to leave your house.

With all that said you may still want to build your own special piece of cat furniture. There is some satisfaction with building you own cat furniture based on your own cats needs. I am not one to discourage you from doing so, but let me outline the drawbacks and why you should consider buying from us. We have been building cat furniture for 25 years and have tried many different design ideas. The product line that we now carry has been tested and tried for usability, stability and durability and we know they work. And most importantly, cats love them!

Why to buy from New Cat Condos verses building your own cat tree:


Ÿ Carpet will cost you $3-$4 per yard and a medium size cat condo will take 5 yards of carpet

Ÿ Wood for a medium size cat condo will cost $15-$20

Ÿ Staples nails and screws will cost you $5-$10

Ÿ Sisal rope will cost you $.10 per foot and a medium size cat condo will take 100 feet

Ÿ At this point for a medium size piece of cat furniture you have $45 to $60 dollars into the cat condo and you have not started the work yet

Ÿ We buy in bulk so we get big material discounts


Ÿ We have tried 1000`s of different designs so we know what and how it works

Ÿ We have made hundreds of pieces of cat furniture. We already have made the mistakes for you and corrected them.

Ÿ Our machinery is high quality construction grade and this makes for the best workmanship you can purchase

Ÿ Even with our equipment and years of experience it still takes making a few pieces of the new style cat furniture before we have the manufacturing process correct. But before you get a piece of cat furniture, we will have it cat tested and approved.

Based on this information we hope you decide to purchase from New Cat condos. If you still are interested in making your own cat perch style then call me and I will give you some help and direction. We certainly don’t want to discourage you with your own creativity.

Robert Baker

Owner and founder