Caring For A New Baby Kitten

Published by Robert Baker on 29th Jul 2015

If you've just become or are about to become the 'parent' of one or more new kittens, congratulations. It's a big responsibility, but it's also a lot of fun. Knowing beforehand what the best new kittens care is can make sure that your kitten has a comfortable, easy integration into your family.

Being prepared for your new arrival is important. Make sure that you have a litter box, litter, food, dishes, and anything else your new kitty might need before you go pick him or her up. Buy the same food your kitty is eating right now, and change it slowly if you want to feed something else, mixing old with new in gradually decreasing proportions. Kittens are babies, and their tummies are sensitive just like human babies'.

Your kitten will likely be given free range of the house when she is a little older, but when she first comes home, it is best to confine her to one or two rooms. This will help prevent her from becoming overwhelmed, and make the adjustment process easier. You can open up the rest of the house to her gradually, as she gets more used to you and it.

Most kittens will be litter trained to use a box by their mother, but be patient if they have an accident or two. They may not know where to find the box, or might be too young to get there fast enough. Sometimes, a new kitten might be too scared to come out of a hiding place, and will have an accident there. These problems can all be diminished by making your kitty as comfortable as possible, and showing him or her where the box is several times at day for the first few days.

Make sure to take your new family member to the vet during the first few days you have her. This will make sure that your new addition is healthy, and you can make sure her shots are up to date, too. Kittens frequently have worms, so it can be a good idea to get your new arrival tested. If she does have them, she can be easily treated with a few doses of medication.

The most important part of welcoming a new kitten to your home is to have patience. Remember that your kitty is a baby, and don't expect as much from her as you would an adult cat. She will learn the rules of the house if you teach them carefully and patiently.