Different Ways To Choose Quality Kitty Furniture For Your Friend

Published by Robert Baker on 29th Jul 2015

Ok, there is no doubt that if you don't provide your kitty with their own habitat, they'll find a place that you are not happy about to do their resting, scratching and playing. Finding quality cat furniture isn't hard, but you'll want to take your cat's personality into the choice.

There are several types of habitats made for your little kitty, but thinking about what type of personality he has will make you and your friend happier. There are some built for relaxing in high places so they can see their surroundings. You will want these if you find your feline on top of the fridge, or finding privacy in your upper closet.

This means they really need a safe high resting place. So look to one of those cat trees that give them platforms to lie on, just make sure it's secured well to the ceiling or wall so it doesn't tip should they climb quickly. You'll find them usually carpet covered to allow for easy climbing and a bit of scratching.

If your feline is playful, you may want a tree that has platforms, and cubby holes with toys in them so they can play and wrestle with. That way they will spend their time on their toy and not on your furniture causing trouble.

There are also more serious playful types, and they will need a variety of playful things to keep them busy. A strong box that they can jump in and out of, with toys to play with, and a sack they can climb into and roll around in would be well appreciated. There are also other toys available that are electronic, that might roll around and keep your kitty running in circles trying to catch.

Quality cat furniture is easily found, but do take your kitty into consideration when it comes to choosing the type. There's nothing worse than purchasing toys or habitats that your kitty never looks at twice.