All About Cat Condos

29th Jul 2015

Cats are naturally curious creatures and they have needs and desires just like we do. Providing them with a place to sleep and relax is often something we don’t really think about since they seem to find these places all on their own. However, your cat will often show signs of being bored or discontented with their surroundings after they have explored enough places and this can affect their sleep patterns, attitude and even personality.

Providing them with a more interesting atmosphere to combat boredom begins with purchasing the right type of cat condo or kitty condos for your pet that will provide years of interest and delight for your special kitty.

Condos for Cats & Kitty Condos

come in all different shapes, sizes and complexities that will stimulate your cat’s need to explore as well as provide them with their own special place to relax and sleep. Finding the right kitty condo means more than just running to the store and selecting the first one you see, you will have to plan a little bit first in order to find the right one for your special cat.

Accessories: No kitty condo is going to be a simple box with nothing more to interest your cat. Many of these condos for cats come with catnip to help attract the cat to the location as well as scratching posts for them to sharpen their claws. Scratching posts are an excellent way to keep your kitties from sharpening their claws on your furniture. Sometimes, you might find cat condos or kitty condos with toys inside such as mice on a string or other interesting object to attract your cat’s attention.

Heights: You may have noticed that in general like to sleep or rest on higher places such as your bed, the dresser, the backs of chairs and so forth. Cats are natural predators and like to be higher up so they can fully see their surroundings. In this case, you may want a kitty condo that is similar to a tree where they can crawl up the sides and rest high above the floor.

Multiple Cats: Do you have more than one kitty? Then you may or may not need more than one cat condos depending on how they act towards each other. Cats that are from the same litter and are used to playing and resting together generally do not mind sharing a single kitty condo. In fact, they will probably insist on having a single kitty condo for their own.

However, if your cats are not from the same litter and tend to sleep or relax in different part of the house, then you may want to consider having more than one kitty condo. Each cat condo can be different allowing them to feel comfortable in their surroundings while having their own place to call home within your home.

Now that you’ve taken a few minutes to consider how your cat or cats behave, the next step is finding the right type of cat condos to select for your home.

Type: There are different types of cat condos or kitty condos for your pet that range from boxes that resemble play houses to trees with multiple branches and places especially for your cat. Some may sit upon the floor while others may rise upwards to the ceiling requiring that they be secured there as well as on the floor itself. Here are just a few types of kitty condos that you might want to consider for your home.

Floor Homes: These models are often shaped like playhouses and sit upon the floor similar to a dog house. While being set on the floor may make them seem a little dull, they often come with toys and catnip to help entice them inside and rest peacefully during the day. Also, they come with interior scratching posts so they can sharpen their claws inside as well as enough windows so they can see what is going on outside their house.

Window Perch: We often find our cats sitting on the window sills looking out into the front or backyards. You can help augment their experience by either providing an extra comfortable window perch on the inside or perhaps one on the outside of your home made from materials that will resist the elements. In either case, the perches are usually carpeted or are wrapped in a soft material that is pleasant for kitty to set upon while remaining dry.

Corner Perch: These simple, yet elegantly designed kitty condos are made to set into a corner of your home, usually near the front door which is connected to the hallway. That way, your cat can see all while resting comfortably upon their perch. Also, the base of the unit is a scratching post for them to sharpen their claws and save your furniture.

Classic Kitty Condos: You will find many different types of cat condos that feature small houses and perches for your cat with steps leading up to one or more levels. This way, your cat can choose to snooze inside the box if they don’t feel like being disturbed or set themselves upon the higher perches so they can see what is going on. These classic kitty condos are generally constructed from sturdy materials with wide bases so they set still upon the floor. Normally, these classic models range in height from two to four feet off the ground which is high enough for your cat to feel comfortable.

Multiple Condos for Cats: Do you have two, three or more cats? Do they like to play together? Then you’ll probably need a more complex kitty condo with multiple perches and boxes for them to rest in while maintaining their own special kitty status. These condos for cats designed for multiple cats are generally complex enough to give your cats plenty of options while not growing tired of them for years to come.

Now that you’ve found the perfect kitty condo, the final step is where to place it in your home so that your cat will get the most use out of it.

Cats like to be in the middle of the action, naturally, since the share their world with yours. This means that you’ll have to find someplace in your home where your cat will feel comfortable resting in without being too isolated. The biggest mistake most people make when they purchase a kitty condo is setting it up in a place that is too out of the way. Your kitty condo will not do you or your cat any good if it is in a room that they rarely go.

Obviously, you’ll have to eliminate places that your cat does not normally go as well as areas of the home where there simply is no room for your kitty condos. However, if you can make a little room, then you should select someplace that your cat loves to be. If your cat loves to be where the action is, even if the cat is sleeping most of the time, then that is where you should set up your kitty condo.

Living Room: This is the most common place for condos for cats as this is where most cats spend their day with you in the home, especially if you or your family is within the living room area. This means that your kitty condo will need a bit of room to set up, but many kitty trees and similar cat condos and kitty condos generally do not take up much space. Try to find a kitty condo that generally matches your carpeting as this will help it blend in better with the rest of the items in the room.

Bedroom: Next to the Living Room, this is a popular place for a kitty condo. After all, we spend 1/3rd of our lives asleep so your cat may want to be where you are at, especially to wake you up in time so they can be feed. Having a kitty condo here will help keep them off the bed and have their own special place in your room. Find a cat condo that generally matches your carpeting or paint in the room to help it blend in and near the window is an ideal place.

Spare Room: Does your cat like to spend time away from you? There are some cats whose personalities are such that they demand their own space. For these special cats, if they have a particular spare room that they like to relax and sleep in away from the living room or bedroom, then having a kitty condo located here is an ideal place. Be sure to have it near a window and like all kitty condos it should be secure to the floor as well.

Finding the right condos for cats starts with the habits and personality of your cat. Understanding their personality and how they like to live their lives will help you select the perfect kitty condo for them. Finding the perfect kitty condo will mean years of contentment and entertainment for your feline as well as knowing that their needs are being met as well. This win-win situation is why condos for cats and kitty condos are the perfect give for your special kitty.