Cat Furniture Reviews

29th Jul 2015

The cats love the condo, I knew they would, it is perfect, just what I was looking for and so easy to assemble. They are still a bit leary of the krinkle tube but a bit of cat nip and it is inticing. I will continue to look at the site and pass on to all my animal lover friends that you are a great company to do business with.
I bought a "condo" from you at your warehouse a few months ago, probably January. My cat loves it, and best of all, it is sturdy enough for him to scramble around on it without it tipping over!!! He's a big guy, and this was one of my concerns. We play on it all the time.

I just wanted to say "thanks" for your time and for giving me a much reduced price than what I would have paid at the pet store (which I couldn't afford).

The vertical scratching post is a plus. He has one on the floor, but he uses the one on the condo more. I will be more than happy to refer folks to you!

Happy Spring, and thanks again,
I just received the playstation that I purchased through Overstock.
This is my 3rd purchase of one of your condos. The quality and value of your products are outstanding.
Thanks for offering these condos on Overstock (for a significant savings ! ) My 7 cats are very happy.
With Robert's recommendation, I bought the double perch cat condo for my shiba inus. For those of you who don't know what a shiba inu is, they are medium-sized dogs ranging from 15- 25 lbs grown up. Mine are 19, 22 and 23 lbs. They love curling up in the top perch and taking a nap and one of them loves hanging out in the house! I was very surprised how sturdy and stable this condo is. It is very well made and my pups feel very safe in it- if they didn't feel safe they wouldn't go near it. This double perch cat condo gets a five-star rating from me and my shiba inus!

Chris' Cat Condo:

Double Perch Cat Condo

I recently purchased the Double Perch Cat Condo for my two kitties & they have really enjoyed playing on it. They even bring their toys up with them to the bed perches to play. It is siting by a window so they love getting on the bed perches & watching the birds & wildlife outside. The condo is a great size...not too big, but big enough that our full grown cat can lounge comfortably on the perches & even "hide" inside it. They also enjoy playing with each will get inside the house & the other will get on the bottom perch & will paw at each other then switch positions. It is very well made & I love that it is wood and not particle board. They also like their crinkle kitty tunnel! I will be buying another condo from you soon. Here is a picture of my kitty Mick - sorry my camera doesn't take great pictures - but you can tell he likes his condo very much!

Mick's Cat Condo:

Double Perch Cat Condo

Hello Robert,
I'm writing to say that we LOVE our charming new Cat Tree! The shape and color are exactly what we wanted and my three cats love it. Thanks for friendly customer service and quick delivery.

The only problem we're having now is a little jealousy vibe going on towards our Norwegian Forest Cat who has claimed it as her own.

We will be saving towards your larger model which I believe has two cat beds on it.

Thanks from a hard-to-please artist.

Lee's Cat Condo:

Cat Play Tree

My kitty Elwood loves his cat bed. He uses the carpet scratchers the most. He loves your products. Elwood gives this bed a 10.

Eldwood's Cat Condo

Elevated Cat Bed

Cat condos are like potato chips - you can't have just one!!!

Here's a picture of our newest kitty, Knut, enjoying one of your condos.

We now have 7 of your condos and our many cats love all of them.

Larry and Marlene's Cat Condo:

Hello Robert,

my most recent purchase from you, the cat pagoda, was very well recieved by my cat-herd.

they compete to sit on this as well as all the other fine pieces i have purchased from you.

love the quality & that is important in any multi-cat home! thank you for making great products that are appealing to humans as well as our feline companions!

Shelley's Cat Condo

Mini Cat Pagoda House

I purchased the Mini Pagoda for my cat Missy. She loves it !

The construction is great, very sturdy and comfy as you will see from the attached picture.

Keep up the good work!

Missy's Cat Condo:

Mini Cat Pagoda House

Hi! I have purchased two really great cat condos from you guys and my cats absolutely adore them! I was the first one to ever order an ASU cat condo from you guys!!!

New Cat Condo's partnered with to help bring you the most affordable prices on cat condos! As part of the partnership process, New Cat Condos submitted product samples that were very well received. Check out what they had to say;


I received the samples. Thank you for sending them, they are great items, and very well received in our office! I have been meaning to reach out to you to discuss one topic in particular.

After I received the samples I realized why shipping was so high on these items. The sturdiness and pre assembled feature causes the price points to be much higher than competitors, and rightfully so based on the quality of product.

I want Cat Connection to sell well so we really need to hone in on the copy and convey the message that all items ‘are fully built and require no assembly’. In addition, please specify the heavy wood, maybe even include the weight, and the high quality carpet. Work on wording to convey that these items are the highest quality, etc, etc."

Thanks to Mallory and everyone at for the kind words.

Hello Robert!

Just received the cat condo a short while ago...not long after we talked!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks even better in person!!!!!!!!!

Thank-you sooooooooooooooooo much! You are VERY gifted and your personal touch with your business, makes it even sweeter!!!!

To Your Journey~

Martha Bellendier :)

Thanks from a very pleased customer. See her photos... There was no doubt as to whom the tower was for. Thank-you from all of us.

The cat condo I ordered arrived today & my 3 cats have gone berserk. They absolutely love it. I am also extremely pleased. You have a very high quality product priced very reasonably. When I can, I will be ordering a second tree.

Again, thanks for making the Miller household kitties very happy ladies.


Just wanted to let you know that my 2nd cat condo purchase is an even bigger hit with our 3 cats than the first one. They love it!!

Thank you also for the 10% off coupon and the door hanger...your products are all so well made and cat friendly.

I appreciate your quick shipping as well. This order arrived in perfect condition.

It's been a pleasure doing business with your company. What a novelty in this day & age to have a company take pride (deservedly so) in their product & deliver on their promises.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your cat condos. I am looking forward to having the extra funds so I am able to puchase one of the Large ones. My 2 kittens have now turned into Large Cats and have to fight for the perch on their little cat stand. I really enjoy your web site and seeing all of your different products. After pricing these condos at the pet supply stores your prices are seem to be THE lowest I can find
I have 3 cat condos I've purchased from the Cat Connection and they all get used everyday by my cats...nap time, play time, sharpen claws time, even hide from the vacuum time.
Our cats love the cat furniture we bought from you last year! And it's still in great shape!
I really like them but more important is my 2 cats love them every cat should have more then one :)
They are absolutely the best for a great price! My kitties love to run and jump up and down and chase each other and fight for the top spot
Amazing quality, fantastic prices!
The best products available. Well worth the small fee charged for them.
Your cat condos are unique, fun, and surprisingly affordable. I wish I could buy them all, but then I wouldn't have room for human furniture! LOL
They are awesome! Helped turn my outdoor cat into an indoor cat with ease!
I haven't been able to try out your cat condo but I have heard that your the place to go. A cousin of mine just bought one from you and it looked amazing and I am pretty sure my 5 month old and 2 year old cats would love it! Your cat condo's look stable and able to handle cat's as crazy as my own.
I have the cat playstation and my cats love it! I love it because it is super sturdy and a great value!
I love the large cat condos because they are multi level and more interesting than most. I like having plenty of variety for my cats. Your condos fill the bill!
Our 5' condo has been just the ticket for our two rowdy brothers, Buster and Baxter. We're thinking about adding another unit for upstairs. Robert sells a durable, quality product at a fair price. Thanks, Cat Connection!
if you are on a budget and in the market for cat furniture for your furry friends i highly recommend catconnection. there prices are unbeatable and the sales reps are always a pleasure to do business with.
FAll About Animals Rescue has been working with Robert and the Cat Connection for 2 years. I must say that running a rescue with many cats can be very hard on cat furniture. Robert's products are fabulous! They are long lasting and the prices cannot be beat!

We are proud to work with Robert and have just purchased 23 additional pieces for our new cage free facility in Scottsdale. One of the best things about working closely with the Cat Connection is that you can tell them what the cats like and he integrates it into the new products.

Whether you have 1 cat or 100 this is place to shop!!!

So glad I ran across you guys today.. bought my kitty a cat condo and she is in heaven :) thanks!