Cat Scratching Posts

15th Aug 2012

Any person with a cat, or any person who has been around cats at least, knows they have a tendency to scratch on things. Furniture is a huge point of interest when it comes to sharpening their deadly little claws. They want to rip into things and continue to strengthen them for quite awhile. Most owners find this act rather dreadful and annoying because of the cost for repairing and/or replacing the damaged furniture. Some cats may even rip into something that a person deems irreplaceable and a cherished keepsake, something that money cannot re buy. A cat does not know any of this, though. They do not know the damage they are putting onto your wallet and mind when they claw on items. This is why you need to have their attention drawn elsewhere, to something you are okay with being ripped to shreds when they get to it. This is why people choose scratching posts. They can be rather cheap or large, spacious cat condos but no matter which you choose, they all do a marvelous job at keeping their claws occupied.

Scratching posts come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, materials, and designs. Which is best for you and your cat depends on your comfort price and their needs. You may want to get a small one at an affordable price so they are amused and you still have plenty of cash leftover to pay bills and buy things you need or you may want to splurge a little and buy your feline friend something grandiose and quite expensive. It really does depend on what you can afford, are okay with spending, and what your cat needs.

If you can spend the extra dollars on a cat scratching post then go for it! They are a wonderful thing to have around the house as they can occupy just one area of a home and they can generally be a few things in one. Cats can use the larger ones as a home of sorts, a place to rest their head and sleep. It can also be a large perch to watch over the world and enjoy the sights from windows and around the house. Many also have little feather toys attached so the kitty can enjoy their stay. While they may run you quite a bit more money than a basic one, they can be totally worth it.

Large cat scratching posts can often be bought just about anywhere and in numerous designs. You can buy your kitty a large tree scratching post to sit atop or a jungle gym type of scratching post that gives them plenty of space to hide. Most pet stores will carry some decent large ones but the prices might be a bit out there. Online sites can usually give you some fantastic options and at better prices. While there is no instant gratification of having it in your home the same day, it still saves you enough money to enjoy some time out with friends or just save for another day. Online sites will also give you many more options on appearances! If you want them to be able to add some art to the home then plenty of sites can help by showing you more options than you probably never knew existed. Any cat, and person, can enjoy having these titans of cat scratching posts in their home.

Those who want to have more space in their home or simply cannot afford to buy a larger scratching post can find some great smaller options. They are more affordable but still do the trick! Many also have toys coming out of different ends so the cat can find more ways to entertain him or herself. One major thing to watch out for if you are buying cat scratching posts based off of price is that some may be of a cheaper material. When one is cheaply made it can tear to shreds rather quickly, which will end up costing you more money, and they can even be dangerous to the health of your little cat! You need to ensure that what you are buying is safe, durable, and will hold up against everything your little cat can throw at it.

Smaller scratching posts can cost you maybe ten or twenty dollars, depending on size, quality, and simplicity, so there is no worry about it running you a hundred dollars, like some might think. These smaller ones can be bought in several stores because of their convenient size and how easy they are to move around. This means that those big named stores that oftentimes have smaller prices on their items will be able to give you a pretty good deal on one. The downside to buying from a big named store is the fact that they might not always have the best quality scratching posts. Online stores will often give you similar items at similar prices but, because of the reviews, you can learn the quality of it before you buy it. Another reason you have the highest chance of saving money online is because many online stores will offer regular deals to customers that you can take advantage of! They are the best option when saving money.

You do not have to think that just because the cat scratching post is inexpensive that it is cheaply made. That is not the case for many of the products out there. They can hold up against the worst a cat has to offer but still save you plenty of dollars. Many come at low prices and offer some things you may want or appreciate in the larger scratching posts. Some have a small area where the cat can find shelter and sleep, others have toys that can take up much of their time, and some are designed for several cats to play in and around. They do not all have to be cheaply made and basic to be affordable, they can be rather amazing and interesting, too.

Some scratching posts, however, are very cheap. They might be made cheaply to save money and get the biggest and best turnover. The people making them do not care about your cat’s well being or how well the item will hold up after use, they only care about making the most amount of money possible from people. This is where you really have to watch out and know what you are buying. Buy from trust companies and ask every question that seems pertinent to what you are worried about, no matter how small or insignificant you think it is. You must know whether or not the product you are buying is safe and will stand not only the test of time but the test of some sharp claws.

There are twelve different grades of carpets available to people. The lower the grade the worse the carpet is, that is something many know. To save money and make a bigger profit many companies will choose the lower grades that tear to shreds easily. This will not only cost you time in cleanup but a lot of money to replace it for another one. The better scratching posts will have a medium grade carpet attached so that they hold up for the life of your cat.

When attaching the actual carpet to the wooden post many companies will use a type of glue that can be toxic and damage your cat’s health, possibly even being fatal to him or her. This is the best reason to ask the manufacturer everything you could possibly want to ask. Not just for the sake of your wallet, but for that of your beloved cat’s life. Knowing everything about what a company uses and what they do can save you time, money, and even a life.

A great way to know if the cat scratching post you are interested in is a good product is to look it up online. You can find literally hundreds and thousands of reviews for products by professionals, companies, groups, and other customers who have used it. Many websites will offer customer review options on their online store, which is convenient and lets you know about the specific item you are buying.

Cat scratching posts are wonderful items. They give a cat a place to work out their claws that is not your own furniture. No matter your budget, space, or cat’s needs, they can fit into any life. The larger ones fit perfectly with those who want to give their cat a home, toy, and scratching post all in one and the smaller ones fit wonderfully in any space and are very affordable. It depends on your preferred price range and what you can manage in your own home. The one thing every buyer needs to watch out for, though, are bad products from bad companies who are more interested in making money than giving your cat a safe and useful product. A good, reliable item can last you quite awhile and be a great addition to the home for your cat. The good ones are absolutely worth the money you put into them.