Medium Height Cat Trees

We have been making cat trees for over 35 years right here in the USA!  Our dedicated team handcrafts each piece of furniture with care and pride.  We are a leading designer of furniture and are sure to have something your kitties will love.  

We use high quality materials which are very important if you want your furniture to be strong, sturdy, safe and comfortable for your cat and this is exactly what they strive for.   Our products are made with plush household grade carpet, natural un-oiled thick 3/8" durable sisal rope, and solid wood posts.  We do not use any toxic chemicals, sprays or adhesives.  

In our Medium Cat Trees Category you will find our recommendations for Cat Furniture that is around 3-5 feet in height.  Many of these pieces are great for cats of all sizes as well.  If you are looking for an extremely functional piece but don't want it to take up excessive space in your home, these may be some great options for you.  

If you do not find something that fits your needs in this category, please check out the rest of our products on the All Products page.