The Many Benefits of Posts for Cats

15th Aug 2012

Your cat is a natural climber and how many times have you found your favorite feline on top of the sofa, in the window sill, perhaps even making it to the top of the dresser or shelf? Cats love to climb and allowing them to fulfill there natural instinct by getting them a cat post will bring them years of entertainment that is safe for both your cat and your furniture.

Cat posts come in a variety of styles, colors and sizes that will fit any room, so it’s easy to find the right type of cat pole for your cats. Many of these versions feature multiple cat posts which are more endearing to cats as they can pick and choose the ones to climb as well as use them for cat scratch posts. Looking for the right type of cat posts for your kitty has never been easier thanks to the wide selection that is now available. 

Cat Scratch Posts: No doubts you’ve noticed your cat use the carpet or worse for sharpening their claws. This natural instinct that all cats have dates back to long before they became domesticated. Cats of every size from housecats to tigers have used the bark on trees to help clean and sharpen their claws. Today, housecats will most likely use the carpet or fabric on the furniture to help clean and sharpen their claws.

Carpet and furniture have sturdy bases so they can then effectively sharpen their claws. A cat will often stand on their hind legs while burying the front claws into the fabric, generally a sofa or chair, so they can maintain a base to pull against. They also use this technique on carpet as well. While carpet typically does not show signs of claw sharpening mostly because the underlying material is strong and hidden from view, the effect on claw sharpening on furniture is another matter. Being creatures of habit, cats will tend to use the same spot repeatedly until it wears away and you have to replace it.

The cat scratch posts that are manufactured today replace the furniture and allow the cat a natural outlet for their instincts without having to worry about any damage being done to your valuables. If anything, having a cat scratching post around is necessary if only to save your furniture from unnecessary wear.

Climbing: Your cat generally prefers to be off the floor when they lay down to sleep. Cats enjoy getting on your sofa, bed, window sills and other places that are off the ground. You have probably seen your cat in places that you were surprised that they reached. Their instinct for climbing goes beyond simple curiosity, cats have an instinct to feel safe and protected. Being off the floor and onto higher places helps fulfill that need because from their perch they can see their environment.

Larger cats, particularly tigers are often found in trees resting on branches while surveying their territory. Housecats have the same instinct as well, wanting to see everything that happens around them. Being above the ground lets them feel safe and secure.

No wonder that cat posts with perches on top provide a great place for your cat to relax and sleep more comfortably which they will certainly enjoy all of their lives. Perfect not only for your kitty, but also your furniture as well since the more time they spend on their cat post, the less fur they leave on your valuables.  

Cat Post Types

Now that we understand the need for cat posts for our kitties, now we view the selection of different types of cat posts that are available. A cat post comes in different sizes, shapes and numbers that will entice the curiosity of your cat while providing them a safe, fun place to play, relax and sleep while leaving your furniture alone.

Here are just a few types of cat posts that you can select from. Each are made from durable materials and covered in carpet that comes in a variety of colors so they can match the room you put the cat post in.

Upright: This type of cat post is the most common and they are generally inexpensive and widely available. Upright cat posts are basically rounded cylinders that have a wide, secure base that does not allow the cat post to move when your kitty is sharpening their claws or even climbing them. They ranged in height from just over a foot to three or more feet depending on the style that you choose. Cat posts often have a perch on top or even a full bed for your cat. You may even find that this type of cat post has a toy such as a ball on the end of a string dangling from the perch for play.

This type of cat post also comes in multiples of two, three or more which is perfect if you have more than one cat or a kitty that gets bored easily with only one cat post. Variety is always a good thing when keeping your cat entertained, so having a multiple upright cat posts means they can use one as their cat scratch post and another to rest atop if it has a perch.

Some cat posts have a scratching pad leaned against it where they can sharpen their claws and a means to climb up the post more comfortably to the perch. Some of these scratching pads have catnip locked inside which releases when the cat sharpens its claws.

A natural substance, catnip when sniffed by your kitty may cause them to become more languid and relaxed, making them ready for a long nap. Catnip is not harmful and has no side effects for your cat when sniffed.

Angled: You may notice that some of the cat posts are set at an angle. This interesting variation usually has no perch on top, but sometimes will have a toy dangling from the top for play. Angled cat posts can work well for cats that are in their advanced years or are physically hindered in some manner that allows them to easily use it for sharpening their claws.

Flat: One of the more interesting cat post are the ones horizontal to the floor. They provide a stable, low-level cat post for claw sharpening. Taking up little room, this type of cat post is perfect for small dwellings, apartments or places that are more out of the way that your cat likes to frequent.  

Wood: While most cat posts are covered in carpet, there are some that use wood instead, mostly cedar which is a highly resilient, yet pliable wood that cats love to sharpen their claws against. Along with a sturdy base, cedar cat posts have become increasingly popular over the years and will last a very long time. They are also quite eco-friendly and come in simple models featuring a single cat post to taller, “tree” like cat posts with multiple branches, perches, tunnels and plenty of places for your cat to roost.

Other Cat Posts

Most cat posts are designed to be separate units, standing alone and generally away from your other furniture. However, there are a few sub-types of cat posts that you might peak your interest.

Cat Pads: Unlike typical cat posts which stand alone, you can also get cat scratching pads which can hang from the tops of doors. This way, your cat can use this scratching pad which is often filled with catnip, to sharpen their claws while keeping them away from your valuable furniture. 


Protection: If your kitty has a favorite chair or sofa that they like to sharpen their claws, sometimes even the most alluring cat posts will not take them away from that spot. In these cases, you can purchase a cat post that can be placed in front of your kitty’s favorite scratching place. This way, you can you’re your furniture while allowing your cat to fulfill their natural instinct.

Cat posts come in various sizes, shapes and colors so you can match them to the rooms in which you want to place them. You’ll want to choose a room that your cat frequents quite often, such as the bedroom or living room for example. One of the biggest mistakes people make after choosing a cat post is putting it in a room that your cat does not often visit. To your kitty, a room they do not often visit is not an ideal place for their cat posts. They like to be in the center of the action around the home, so be sure that your new cat post fits well into the room where your cat loves to be.

Cat posts are more than just a wonderful toy for your kitty, they are a special place where they can sharpen their claws, rest and relax around while in your home. Choosing a cat post means providing your beloved cat with something they can enjoy for many years to come.