Why Cats Need a Cat Enclosure

15th Aug 2012

Finding the right type of cat enclosure will bring your special kitty years of fun and entertainment. Whether you have had a cat for years or have just brought a new kitty into your home, a cat enclosure is one way to make them feel more at home and provide them with a place to play and relax. Cat enclosures come in many different sizes and many feature scratching posts or pads, perches and enclosures that provide that sense of privacy that many cats seek in a home. Plus, cat enclosures are often relatively inexpensive and will last for many years.

In its own way, cat enclosures mimic the outdoor terrain as your kitty sees it, which things to climb, posts to scratching, toys to play with and places to relax and rest. Now you cat can do all the climbing and adventuring they want while staying comfortably indoors. Many cat enclosures feature multiple levels so your kitty can traipse up and down for hours on end, playing with their toys or just finding a good spot to rest. Many cat enclosures come with perches, tunnels and other fun attributes that will entertain your favorite feline for years to come. 

Finding a good cat enclosure for your kitty begins with understanding the needs of your cat and finding the right type of enclosure that works best for them. While you almost cannot go wrong when picking cat enclosures, if your feline is older or perhaps hindered in some manner, you can get the a cat enclosure that will still allow them to play and relax without taxing them. Here are some of the many features that cat enclosures offer to your special kitty.

Scratch Posts: You may have noticed your cat sharpening their claws on your furniture. This is a natural instinct that all cats are born with and providing them with the perfect scratching post means you can save your furniture from the wear and tear that kitty claws create. Most of the scratching posts found in cat enclosures also double as supports for perches or beds for your cat as well. This means they take up less room while still providing plenty of fun and play for your cat.

Tunnels: There is something fascinating about a tunnel to a cat you’ll often find them investigating each and every one. The tunnels also act as a place for your cat to rest and sleep as they can feel the walls the tunnel around them which provides a level of comfort and security. As with many types of cat enclosures, the tunnels are usually carpeted or have a fabric covering that is comfortable during all seasons of the year.

Perches: Have you ever noticed that your kitty likes to be on the back of sofas, perhaps on top of the dresser or other places that are well off the floor? A good cat enclosure will also have a perch or two for your cat to rest on as they enjoy being able to see their environment. The perch is something that is instinctive with most cats, their larger cousins in particular tigers and panthers are often found in tree branches or other elevated places in the wild.  The perches on cat enclosures mimic the function of tree branches and are often large enough for your cat to lie down and sleep.


The sheer number of cat enclosures that are on the market today come with different features that your cat will find fascinating and entertain them for years to come. Some of them even come with different options including the three listed above.

Adjustable Levels: Even the most curious of cats may seem to tire of their cat enclosure or perhaps they are getting along in years and no longer want to climb up as high as they had before. Fortunately, there are a number of cat enclosures where you can adjust the levels and change around the perches, tunnels and other items to make them seem like new to your kitty. Every once in a while, change is good for both your cat and you, getting an adjustable cat enclosure will help keep your kitty happy as well as making it easier to clean as well.

Toys: It’s amazing what a ball on a string can do for a cat. Such play is not only good for their health. It also helps them stay active and alert. This natural form of play is achieved by some cat enclosures when a toy mouse or simply a ball wrapped in soft fabric is dangled on a string connected to the edge of the perch. With the addition of these toys, your kitty will now use their enclosure more than ever for rest and play.

Heated Bed: Does your house get a bit chilly in the winter? Perhaps the floor becomes a bit cool during the colder months. Your cat certainly feels this and will usually try to find a higher place to sleep. Offering a heated bed for them in the winter will help keep them warm and happy during these times. Heated beds are also good for older cats that are less active as it helps warm their joints and reduce the aches and pains of getting older.

Catnip: Catnip comes from a plant that is found in most parts of the world. For most cats, smelling catnip causes them to relax and become more settled. This natural element has no side effects and is often incorporated into scratching pads and posts that become activated when your cat sharpens its claws. You can add catnip to the scratching post from time to time to keep it fresh and your cat attracted to this scent.

Choosing the Right Cat Enclosure

Picking something that your cat will enjoy may seem more difficult than it really needs to be. If you understand a few things about your kitty, then choosing the right type of cat enclosure becomes much easier.

Age: Generally speaking, cats become a little less active as they grow older. For cats who are heading into their advanced years or have a little difficulty with their balance then you want to choose a cat enclosure that features tunnels, enclosures and perches that are lower to the ground and easier for your cat to maneuver around. This is especially good for cats with hip problems or other issues that make them a little less mobile.

Conversely, very young cats or kitties are often quite active and love to play. In this case you may want to include more toys such as the ball on a string or other similar playthings that will keep your kitty entertained for hours on end. Since most cat enclosures are covered in carpet, the height shouldn’t be much of a concern as your cat can easily climb and secure themselves even on lofty perches.

Multiple Cats: Having more than one cat may mean selecting a cat enclosure that provides enough features that all of your cats can relax comfortably. A good rule of thumb is to select the cat enclosure that features the same number of tunnels and perches as you have cats. If you have several cats then you may want to buy another cat enclosure and put it near the first one so that your cats can socialize without getting into each other’s space.

The final step is choosing the right size cat enclosure. They range from small, floor level scratching poles or enclosures to very tall, tree-like enclosures with multiple boxes, tunnels, posts and other accessories.

Tree: Perhaps the most common form of cat enclosures is the ones that mimic a tree. Featuring multiple branches, perches and tunnels or boxes, these tall trees make for a perfect home for those with more than one cat and cats that love to climb. These types of cat enclosures often need to be secured from the side or the top. However, there are a number of tall cat enclosures that have wider bases and do not need additional securing.

Window Sill: This model is one of the more interesting as it’s usually mounted next to a window, allowing the cat to see the outside while also being elevated off the floor. The wider mount of this cat enclosure also allows cats with poorer balance enough width to rest steadily without having the fear of falling. The window sill model is one of the more popular for good reason, they are relatively easy to set up and are usually very popular with cats as they can rest and relax more comfortably next to the window.

A good cat enclosure is more than just a bed for your kitty. It provides them with a place they can claim as their own. Plus, you can find cat enclosures in various shades of carpet that is sure to fit the style of your home. Sturdily constructed and made from top quality materials, cat enclosures will provide your beloved pet years of service with a place to play, relax and sleep.