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Basic Cat Care

Being a responsible pet owner is important to the life, health, and happiness of your pets. This is true for those cats you love so much and caring for them begins with you knowing the basics in the kind of cat care you need to provide at all times.All pets require a specific diet. Cats [...]

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Adding a New Cat to the Family

Sooner of later most pet parents will want to adopt a furry friend for their current furry companion, or just add one to your "family". If this is you, it will cause stress to your present companion. It is easiest to introduce a female kitten to an established cat. However, if you have a senior [...]

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Choosing your Cats Litter Box

Choosing the right litter box is essential for your cat to be happy and healthy in your home. The rule of thumb is to have one litter box for each cat in your home. Shallower litter boxes should be used for kittens while deeper litter boxes should be used for bigger and/or older cats. [...]

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Teaching A Cat To Use A Litterbox

Cats are naturally clean creatures and given the right tools they will naturally use a litter box with no coaxing. Cats have a natural instinct to use a sandy area to eliminate waste. Their instincts urge them to dig a hole, eliminate, and cover it over. This instinct is tied in with [...]

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The importance of Cat Beds And Accessories

It doesn't matter if you've had your cat forever, or if you're planning on adding a new one into the mix, cat beds and accessories can be just as important to some people as picking out the food bowls and toys.Trying to get cats out of trees outside can be a pain, especially in the [...]

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Cat Scratching Posts

Any person with a cat, or any person who has been around cats at least, knows they have a tendency to scratch on things. Furniture is a huge point of interest when it comes to sharpening their deadly little claws. They want to rip into things and continue to strengthen them for quite awhile. Most [...]

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Why Every Cat Needs a Cat House

Normally, the term “cat house” may invoke connotations that do not necessarily involve cats, but having houses for your cats will help them gain them an extra sense of security and belonging in your home. You can find cat houses of all different shapes and sizes which will provide many hours of enjoyment for your [...]

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The Many Benefits of Posts for Cats

Your cat is a natural climber and how many times have you found your favorite feline on top of the sofa, in the window sill, perhaps even making it to the top of the dresser or shelf? Cats love to climb and allowing them to fulfill there natural instinct by getting them a cat post [...]

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Cat Poles for Every Cat

You may have noticed that your cat likes to climb things, whether it is your furniture, a tree or perhaps even your own person. This natural instinct that cats have towards climbing has led to the development of cat poles which allow your kitty to fulfill their natural instincts in a manner which is safe [...]

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Why Cats Need a Cat Enclosure

Finding the right type of cat enclosure will bring your special kitty years of fun and entertainment. Whether you have had a cat for years or have just brought a new kitty into your home, a cat enclosure is one way to make them feel more at home and provide them with a place to [...]

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