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What Is FeLV?

FeLV or Feline Leukemia Virus is a retrovirus that affects cats through the transfer or salvia or nasal discharge. Many cat's immune systems can easily fight this off, but if they become infected they will test positive and be able to infect other cats. This disease is a form of cancer of the [...]

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Cat Food- Wet, Dry Or Raw?

Choosing a high quality, grain free food is the right step to you cats nutritional health. Now you need to choose whether you want to fed dry, wet or a raw diet. You can check with many people, including vets, and they will all tell you something different. This choose is truly [...]

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What Is FIV?

Many people are surprised when they find out there is a feline version of AIDS. In many ways it is similar to the human version. Feline Immunodeficiency Virus or FIV is a fairly uncommon disease that affects cats throughout the world. About 1-3% of cats in the United States are infected with [...]

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Quick Guide To Cat Beds And Furniture

Cats have simple needs. Their claws require sharpening. They like to sleep in a place that seems safe and is soft and warm. They like to keep watch over their environment. Human furniture can be used for all of these, but that is often not what the humans want. Having some cat beds and furniture [...]

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Moving with Your Cat

When moving, your cat should be the last thing you "pack up", if you're moving across town you should already have all the furniture in place including their cat condos, toys, litter box etc. before he arrives. If you're moving farther, be sure to transport your cat in a roomy carrier that's tall enough for [...]

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Cats Drinking Milk

We have heard the commercials about milk being great for people. Where would we be without milk and cereal? I know my cats always beg for cow's milk, however I know well enough that giving them this milk is not a good idea.Kitten's grow up on their moms milk and they should have [...]

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The Decision to Make Your Own Cat Perch or Buy?

The decision to make your own cat perch or purchase one can be difficult, especially with the cost of cat furniture at retail locations. At New Cat Condos we try to make that choice a little easier. We are able to get you the same cat furniture and even better quality than you can [...]

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Different Ways To Choose Quality Kitty Furniture For Your Friend

Ok, there is no doubt that if you don't provide your kitty with their own habitat, they'll find a place that you are not happy about to do their resting, scratching and playing. Finding quality cat furniture isn't hard, but you'll want to take your cat's personality into the choice.There are several types of habitats [...]

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Picking Essential New Cat Supplies

A furry new feline member of the family is a cause for celebration. But you'll need to make sure that you have some necessary new cat supplies before the new kitty gets home, because life will be harder for both you and the cat if you don't.The basics of cat ownership are a collar and [...]

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Cat Furniture Reviews

The cats love the condo, I knew they would, it is perfect, just what I was looking for and so easy to assemble. They are still a bit leary of the krinkle tube but a bit of cat nip and it is inticing. I will continue to look at the site and pass on to [...]

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